Orange Pride Short Story

Flight Details
Pax/Cargo: 310/9K
Dep Rwy: 18L
Arr Rwy: 23L
Cruise Spd/Alt: M0.84/FL400
This flight definitely had its ups and downs, literally! Started of as a beautiful sunrise departure out of Amsterdam and turned into a quick headache towards the end. 112Kt headwind towards my layover stop was the least of my worries as I planned accordingly. Final descent into Mexico is where it gets hmm what’s the word? Bonkers! I crashed on Final 😳 yeah I said it. I wasn’t too familiar with the 777 or the speeds required to handle such a precise approach so I stalled and couldn’t regain control. So I respawned in southern US, raced to M0.85 again. This time approach was better, albeit the plane was still getting the better of me. It kept bouncing up and down so it must’ve been speed and flap settings. Ultimately, I landed safely and reached my destination.


I first thought the second and third picture were put together. Doesn’t look bad.

Thanks for posting!

Ouch. This makes me depressed if this would’ve happened to me.


2nd and last picture is my favourite! Keep it up

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Thank you Ondrejj

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