Orange County Flyout @KSNA

Thank you! I have another flyout an hour after this one so I need a shorter route, thank you so much!

Can I have this, please
02 Delta BCS3 Seattle

I’ll get you down

I will take this but could I have it to LAS?

I’ll get you down

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I am so sorry but unfortunately I will not be able to attend this flyout.

It turns out I will be able to attend! May I please have this?
06 American 737-800 Dallas

Ill get you down.

Thank you so much!

I can do these! Or I can do Departure / A!

I don’t think you can do both center and departure so I’ll put you down for departure

If you make it a Fly - In as well, I can operate Arrival …

I will not change it to a Flyin but there still may be arriving traffic anyways

Event bump

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3 weeks until the event

Anymore available spots and what aircraft are you looking for? I know KSNA has the 737s and the A319/320. But I’d love to have a Southwest bird 737-8 any gate available.

For the first leg, then do a return trip.

Not a realistic route but that’s fine I guess

Not a problem, I’ll change the route for:

Call sign WN1475

Ok I’ll switch you thanks

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2 weeks until the event

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