Orange County Flyout @KSNA

Welcome to the Santa Ana flyout hosted by @Butter575! I can’t wait to host this flyout because it is an incredible airport and I love spotting at it. Hope you can join me at this amazing fly out!

Server: Training
Airport: KSNA
Date: 27NOV22


Main Terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
N01 Allegiant A320 Provo
N02 Allegiant A320 Las Vegas @N889FQ
N03 Allegiant A320 Medford @AIDAN101
01 Delta A319 Minneapolis @UALPilot
02 Delta BCS3 Seattle
03 Delta 757-200 Atlanta @Avgeek1
04 Delta BCS3 Salt Lake City @AirCanada11
05 American 737-800 Chicago @FO-Rico4Milly
06 American 737-800 Dallas @AmericanB772
07 American A321 Phoenix @Aviation2929
08 United E175 Denver @EnthusiasticAviation
09 United E175 San Francisco @Avaitor1
10 Alaska E175 Seattle @Ryan_Carney
11 Alaska E175 Everett @McDonald-Hamburger
12 Alaska E175 San Francisco @United403
13 Alaska E175 Everett @AviationPhu
14 Frontier A320 Las Vegas @Ikaika_Boi808
15 Sun Country 737-800 Minneapolis
16 Westjet 737-700 Vancouver
17 Southwest 737-700 Las Vegas @flyin_hawaiian
18 Southwest 737-700 Las Vegas @Thisisurcaptspeaking
19 Southwest 737-700 Las Vegas @RagonDragon
20 Southwest 737-700 Denver @Metro_Aviation
21 Southwest 737-700 Phoenix @AviationAlpha
22 Southwest 737-700 Austin @Keegan_Butler
JetSuiteX Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
South Apron 00 JetSuiteX CRJ9 Las Vegas
South Apron 01 JetSuiteX CRJ9 Oakland
South Apron 02 JetSuiteX CRJ9 Phoenix
South Apron 03 JetSuiteX CRJ9 Reno
South Apron 04 JetSuiteX CRJ9 Dallas-Love
General Aviation Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
Hangar 1-28 USAF F22 N/A @Topgottem
Hangar 1-29
Hangar 1-30
Hangar 1-31
Hangar 1-32
Hangar 1-33
Private/Business Gates
Gate Aircraft Destination User
Tiedown 1-1
Tiedown 1-2
Tiedown 1-3
Tiedown 1-4
Tiedown 1-5
Tiedown 1-6
Tiedown 1-7
Tiedown 1-8
Tiedown 1-9
Tiedown 1-10
Tiedown 1-11
Tiedown 1-12
Tiedown 1-13
Tiedown 1-14
Tiedown 1-15
Tiedown 1-16
Tiedown 1-17
Tiedown 1-18


Frequency Controller
Ground @Butter575
Tower @Butter575
Departure @FlyingWizard20


  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC Instructions
  • Act professionally


Denver Event

3DEC22 | 0100Z | Massive Mile High Flyout @KDEN

Photos found here when searched: john wayne airport

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This please and thank you

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ICI! this one here please

May I have this gate?

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Can I get this but to KPAE instead?

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Any time! Thanks for hosting

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