Orange County at its Finest @KSNA

Hello everyone!

I went spotting at Orange County earlier today during quite possibly the best hour for spotting at that airport. Since I ironically wasn’t in the mood for spotting at LAX, I decided to give SNA a try because it has been a long time since I last went there. The traffic definitely didn’t disappoint!

Enjoy the photos!

Air Canada 737-MAX8 from Vancouver

Classic Delta flight from SLC on the A220

I didn’t realize how many American flights there were from SNA, this was the first of 5 flights I saw operated by American.

Southwest 737-700 from San Jose

JetSuiteX and their sleek livery from Las Vegas

Alaska E175 from Tucson. Quite an interesting route

No spotting trip to SNA is complete until you see a private jet. This is definitely a really cool design.

Westjet 737-MAX8 from Vancouver

Breeze A220 from Provo

Allegiant A319 from Eugene

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You’ve gotten so much better!

Nice! SNA is an interesting airport, they can even make a SNA like airport here in Florida since BCT has a similar length runway and maybe just maybe that can be our outdoor airport

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Yeah it could work, it’s a solid distance between both PBI and FLL and is actually longer than the main runway at SNA

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Absolutely amazing 😍😍
Favorite has to be the AC MAX

Thank you, I agree that the AC B38M is the best

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I had no idea SNA had AC service.

Yep, year round service to Vancouver


Ik they also have WestJet… But does SNA have any Canadian LCC’s

Nope, just Westjet and Air Canada

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Nice shots @Butter575

My favorite of course the Alaska E-175. Not quite sure why it came in from Tucson.

Also quick question is JetSuiteX a charter service? I see it all the time on FR24 but never knew

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It’s actually regular service

JSX is similar to La Compaigne in terms of an all first class type airline (just smaller aircraft) however they operate out of FBOs rather than regular terminals, making them more private

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Ohh I gotcha. I also like the Alligient from Eugene!

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Was just about to comment that lol

nice shots!

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Thank you!

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Where did you spot these from? Were you in the parking lot on the other side of the 405?

Yea pretty much, there is a leveled parking lot right where this charging point is. The whole lot was empty the entire time

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It’s also right underneath the 20L approach, making for some good GA shots

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the A220 is definitely my favorite aircraft in deltas fleet!! great shots!!