Orange County Airport (KSNA) Gains Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines has announced flights to Orange County Airport.

Spirit Airlines will launch three daily flights out of Orange County Airport:

  • 2x daily Oakland beginning November 17
  • 1x daily Las Vegas beginning November 18

Both flights are served with the A320.

SNA to Las Vegas already has four competitors - Delta, Frontier, JetSuiteX, and Southwest Airlines

SNA to Oakland already has two competitors - JetSuiteX and Southwest Airlines


Congrats to SNA on gaining a new airline.


First, nice work as usual @Ishrion 👏

@Thunderbolt 👀


Based on hours of research of looking at trends and data, my educated guess would be a long haul service to and from Pyongyang with Air Koryo. My guess would be that this service would be operated by the Illyushion Il-62M, as it is the only aircraft in their fleet that could fly this range. However, it would need to be at a reduced to weight to safely make this flight.

I am of course kidding but amazing AvNews as usual.


Honestly if I had to take a guess, I’d go with Volaris, seems like they would fly into an airport like this

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I think it’s either FLL-SNA (Spirit)
JFK-SNA (JetBlue)

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If it is this I’d say the JFK-SNA would hav a better chance.

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I’m going to guess it’s JetBlue; with their recent departure of LGB.

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we need spirit up in that place. i can’t be payin 1k to go there.

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Yea but it’s better than LAX 🤣

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I think it’s going to be one of those airlines listed, and I personally think it’s the Canadian airline Swoop. They’ll probably start service from Toronto.

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Well Delta did have this but it didn’t last long because they lost a gate of theirs at SNA. Gates are VERY difficult to get because the airlines currently there are always wanting more.

This isn’t going to happen, in my opinion. With 12x daily Mint services from LAX (future crew base), 2x daily A321NEO services from BUR, and 1x A320 services from ONT, I really don’t see jetBlue expanding to SNA, especially considering they have plenty of space at LAX, and several other services at other SoCal airports.

What I can definitely see is an airline such as Spirit coming in, especially with a small Californian market. They currently serve a handful of destinations from LAX, but they have to compete for their market, hence the desire to move to an airport where they can have a bigger presence.


Yea I know. That’s why I’m saying it would have a better chance

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And I can’t wait for AC to start ever since they mentioned this route at the beginning of 2020! It’s been 10 years since they’ve flown here!

Hopefully. But I’m more interested in a flight to FL because United flies to EWR. You know, just to add more diversity

I’d have to say the next airline would probably be any Mexican carrier because they’ve been trying to get a replacement ever since InterJet left
#buildterminal-d lol

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I’m placing my bets on jetBlue from JFK, BOS, or FLL.

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I do have a question: does anyone know what terminal Air Canada will use? I mean probably A but who knows.

It seems like the whole of US aviation industry is now making game shows out of their (quite boring) route announcements.

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Ok so according to my friend who is a fellow avgeek, it appears Spirit is the new airline!