Orange connecting symbol constantly on

I’m mid flight and have an orange connect symbol that isn’t turning green, any one know a solution to this ? I am desperate as iron a 13 hour flight. Its been like this for a while

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Which orange symbol is it? :)


The live server one, I dont think its my wifi as my phones wifi working fine. It connects then its laggy then disconnects


How long have you had this issue?

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Well I left the flight on and went shopping, it was working fine before i left which was about 2 hours ago!

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We’re not seeing any issues on the Live Servers and haven’t for quite some time.

Could you try turning on Airplane/Flight mode on your device for 30 seconds and then turn it off?

There is a risk with that action though - that you’ll loose connection entirely. But at the point you’re at, it either fixes it or you might need to end your flight either way unfortunately.

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As you can see it connects but it shows light aircraft, even though one is at 40,000

That’s most likely related to another issue we’re working on right now.

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If I land the flight even if it disconnects from the server my flight time and landing should still count right?

Unless you’re permanently disconnected, yes.
However, the issue we’re working on right now affect stats. So everything is a bit in unknown territory right now.

I’m not permanently disconnected its just saying “connecting” ill just stick it out and see what happens thanks @schyllberg

@Azhal_Halil i am also facing same problem now


Same problem here

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Also have the same issue as well when I landed at EGLL on ES.

@Kevinsoto1502 for me everything else is green
is it the same for you?

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Yeah same issue @DhruvChopra

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Expert Server issues are related, we’re rolling out some fixes to the servers:

We have deployed a fix to the servers. The connection should work now, but you may need to restart the app if it’s still showing issues.

Thanks for your patience! Sorry to add some unexpected problems to your flights :)


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