Orange Circles While Flying at Night

Device: iPad Pro
Operating system: iPad OS 16.6

Anybody else notice these orange looking circles when flying at night? They have different layers with the outermost circles being lighter in hue, and the inner ones being more opaque. Maybe it could be a rendering issue. I have attached screenshots so you can get a better look. They are very annoying and force me to fly in daytime every flight I do.

Try turning brightness up if needed to see the circles.

Welcome to the community! Pretty sure those are your navigation lights unless I’m mistaken 😂

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Those are red/green though. I feel like OP is referring to something we’re not seeing.

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Ahh, I see what you’re talking about with my brightness all the way up. Interesting, haven’t seen this before.

I have the Same Problem.

If you look closer at the left and right side of the screen you can tell there is different shadings

I see it now. That’s weird, never noticed it before while flying.

No, im an experienced flyer just new to the community posts. Yes its super strange and very annoying. It takes a good eye to see but is more visible in some photos compared to others. It has nothing to do with the moon faze, just simply how dark the night is. Hoping its a glitch and nit an issue with my screen.

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Definitely looks like a glitch since it isn’t fixed on a certain point in your screen. Best advice I could offer is to try clearing your scenery cache.

This is a known issue. :)
I totally expect that the new graphics engine, which is being worked on, will address this issue as well.

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