Orange circle around airport

Hy, i just noticed…on the expert server around KEWR and KJFK there is a orange circle…why is that so ?

This is a TFR, which means Temporary Flight Restriction. This is in place for the FNF tomorrow to tell you to not depart from airports within that region


oh so you should not fly in jfk or any airport with the or the orange circle ?

You shouldn’t depart from an airport within that region and fly to KLGA


and what about the ones with red circle ?

That means the TFR is active. Sorry, forgot to mention. With orange, that means it’s inactive at the moment.


can we fly to different airports within the circle and fly back?

@Eiknixsis it wouldn’t be recommended as it would probably interfere with traffic coming into KLGA

Also, that TFR states you can not fly in or out of the airport, period. For example, no JFK-PDX.

You an fly JFK-PDX. You just can’t fly JFK-LGA, EWR-LGA, etc, or you will be ghosted.

I contacted Misha and he said that you can not fly in or out of JFK or EWR period. With that, the TFR says no flying between airports in the TFR plus JFK and EWR are closed.

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There’s text to any and all TFRs/NOTAMs, one need only read them. Or the message received upon entering any flight, which you have to actively click to say you’ve read:

It’s fairly straight-forward. No flying between two fields in the region. JFK and EWR closed. This will be the case for somewhere on the map, and has been for months, during any FNF.

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