Oral , Kazakhstan - Antalya , Turkey | TRIP REPORT

Hey there from a cold morning on Kazakhstan as we prepare to head to Antalya on this Sunday airlines ( Now operated by SCAT ) 757.

As I get airside I can already see my aircraft on the ground prepping for the journey ahead.

This is my seat today 10A which gives me a perfect view of them RB-211s 😍

Shortly after boarding there was no waiting about as we backtrack runway 04 and blast out leaving the rural town behind.

Luckily before we took off I had a quick trip to the rear toliet and noticed a free row of seats and I had to ask a flight attendant if I could put my Gopro there. Thankfully she let me which shows us this beautiful view of the countryside.

As we reach cruising altitude of FL340 I was already being served my meal which is besbarmaq consisting of mutton meat. This was my first time trying and it was amazing !

As I was about to have a nap the same flight attendant came to my seat and asked if I would like a picture of the cockpit !? Of course I accepted and left me with this picture.

Still amazed by the offer we started our final approach onto 18L at Antalya which has some beautiful terrain.

With a slight bounce we touched down after 3hrs and I could already feel the hot air lol.

Parking at the remote stand means we exited out of door L2 which let me have a close up shot of this beauty 😍😍

That’s all for now ! Hope you enjoyed & will see you on the next flight report.