Opulent Skyways: Virtual Airline idea (can be taken)

I had the idea while a while back for a Virtual Airline which made use of the BBJ liveries, it’d be called something Opulent Skyways and would feature the following:

  • 2xBoeing 747-8 (BBJ); maximum of 200 passengers
  • 6xBoeing 737-700 BBJ (Private 2); maximum of 45 passengers
  • 4xBoeing 737-900 (BBJ); maximum of 60 passengers
  • 6xAirbus A318 (3xACJ Livery 3, 3xACJ Livery 4); maximum of 10 passengers
  • 8xCessna Citation X (4xLivery 2, 4x Livery 1); maximum of 5 passengers
  • 2xAirbus A340-600 (Unmarked (Corporate)) for high ranking staff transportation to meetings and press conferences; maximum of 100 passengers

If someone could please take this idea and run with it that’d be great, I’d do it myself however I’m satisfied with being in one Virtual Airline!


Cool idea. This could be cool when global comes out and you could fly the routes dynamic and airlines along that fly!

Definitely a good idea, maybe you could make this idea into reality!

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Ahh, maybe, I’m not sure I’d be able to do so…

Ah come on don’t say that! Just a bit of sorting out and presto, welcome Kevin, the CEO of Opulent Skyways!

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Haha, one day…lol :)

One day meaning soon hopefully, lol

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Idk, I’d probably start a JetBlue VA before, but with copyright and such, that may not be possible :)

Opulent Skyways will be awaiting you

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