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I recently purchase a Thrustmaster joystick and throttle to use with X-Plane on my computer and IF. I set it all up, it works fine, but I have one problem. If I want to fly using tilt controls, I have to restore the controls to their default settings, which removes all my buttons, toggles and axis settings. Wouldn’t it be easier to have three or four different slots to save the current configurations?


Well… why would you want to fly with the native tilt controls if you have a joystick? ;)

I do see the advantage of being able to save multiple control configurations, though.


When your on the go like in a car,plane or just out in general


Might even be worth posting in Features. Not a joystick user myself, but being able to save your configurations is definitely a good user experience feature, especially if there’s a lot of stuff to calibrate and set it up how you like it.

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Yes, I would appreciate being able to save configurations wthout having to reset it all. The way it is currently is just a tad annoying.

On a side note,

I assume you purchased the T-Flight Hotas X, what do you think of the throttle sticking at 50% all the time, like just being ard to move from that position? I found that to be really annoing…

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I would post it in features, but can’t due to the ‘500 error.’

I don’t find the throttle hold annoying, if at all. It’s easy for me to move, I don’t have an issue at all.

@david @Laura
I’m about to go overseas and I really don’t want to get my laptop, joystick and throttle, and iPad out just to play IF. My controls are set perfectly, with every button individually mapped by myself, but if I want to fly using tilt controls I have to reset all of this.

^^ I agree

This is one of the areas Infinite Flight is currently lacking in. Yes it is the only mobile sim to support joysticks, but it seems that an option multiple control inputs was overlooked. I’m annoyed that I can’t use the simulator as much as I would like to because of a missing and important feature.

I just reset the axes. The button mapping doesn’t get lost that way.

Smart… but I have to set my axises up a different way through LiveFlight on my laptop because IF thinks my rudder controls (seperate from joystick) are buttons.

You have to set it to 4 axes (red light) and not 5 (green light).
The rocker button will act as yaw.
Don’t forget to reverse the yaw direction in IF though. Otherwise you will be in trouble. :)

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Yup, I’ve done that :)

This is my mapping.

Like I said, when I want to switch to iPad only, I just have to reset the axis and I’m all set.

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Oh wow! Excellent detail. I will certainly be using your configuration. Just one question, does the reverse thrust work for you?

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Yup! Without issues.

Let’s continue via PM !!

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