Options for ATC for unruly pilots?

Hi everyone! Longtime user of Infinite Flight, but new to the “online” world and this community. I was able to hop on a Tower position yesterday on the Training Server and all was going well until one pilot decided to just SIT on the active runway. He kept pushing back and then going around in circles. There was a line of 5-6 aircraft patiently waiting to depart and I felt awful that I 1) couldn’t really give him any forceful instructions and 2) that I couldn’t really acknowledge to the other pilots that I saw what was going on and trying to fix it.

Sadly, same scenario happened later in the day in a different airport and again I felt irritated that one person was ruining it for everyone.

Since I’m still new to ATC, I didn’t have the ability to use the Report function but was curious if the community has any suggestions on how to handle. Laura was kind enough to reply to me on Twitter and told me to reach out to the Mods when it’s happening but it was difficult to manage the flow of traffic and try to do that at the same time. Any advice on how to handle or maybe there’s a way to add a feature that’s a step below reporting where someone with authority can get called in to help? I controlled on VATSIM for many years and it was nice to be able to call for a Supervisor to quickly come by and address.

Thanks for the tips in advance!


Reporting is unfortunately only allowed in Expert Server, but I believe you can bring this up to a moderator.

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unfortunately this is TS so reporting is impossible. However if the guy is constantly trolling many times mods can intervene. Could you tell me his callsign, so I can see if i can recognise it! Right now a pilot at EGLL is being looked into called Aegean 100 due to constant trolls so this is possible if enough controllers are affected by him, multiple times.
Sorry about this.

PS: Welcome to the community, its a great place!


Welcome to the community!

As said above unfortunately we can’t do anything about these players, as you’re in TS there’s nothing you can do.

There’s a lot of people who are learning how the things works and TS is for this! I know that we have some people trolling in TS but, unfortunately, in a big game with a huge community like this, is basically impossible that we don’t have some trollers

I can give you a tip: don’t control big airports everytime, this will just frustrate you more, if you have some IF player friends, go ahead in a uncrowded airport and have fun with your friends making patterns. You can even create a ATC tracking thread (only used with people trying to get into IFATC) where you announce when and where you’re going to open

Hopefully this helps you :)

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It can be tough on the training server, both as a pilot and as ATC. You get mix of people from those who are training in order To get on to Expert Server to those who are just messing around to those who are new and still trying to work out how it all works!

If you want to enjoy your experience on the TS I would recommend that you avoid the busy hub airports ( LHR, JFK and LAX spring to mind) and fly or control and smaller more out of the way as more serious pilots will be found on these locations. If as ATC you want some traffic at a more out of the way Airport then look to start up a tracking thread here on the forums and even look to become a member of IFATC and pass the test to control on the Expert server?

Happy landings!


Yes. I would recommend joining a server at an airport that rarely has many people but still has an active ATC. Dublin (EIDW) and Manchester (EGCC) are my personal TS favorites.

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Thanks everyone! Great feedback. Just out of curiosity, what is the process for notifying the mods if you have a bad scenario playing out?

You send a PM to @moderators with your replay.

This is for extreme behavior only.

Those people go on to troll and get a reaction.

Best thing to do is just completely ignore them and carry on as if they didnt exist. Take and and land through them and give no response through atc to them. The lack of acknowledgement and affect would be the best way to troll them back. They are only there for attention so dont give them any reaction and crack on

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If you’d like a better ATC experience, I’d highly encourage you to consider joining IFATC. To get experience and increase your operations count, making an ATC tracking thread is a great first step. The link below outlines all the requirements and steps:


And the guide below contains the ATC manual, which is the go to resource for any and all things ATC related:

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