Optional locks

I would love to have the ability to simply ‘lock’ the tabs on the control interface to stop them from being accidentally turned on or off. There has been a few times I’ve accidentally turned something on or off at a critical moment usually resulting in a total crash. For example on final in a C17 and accidentally taping the vs just by holding my ipad the wrong way. Could have a slide-lock, or touch-hold lock that stops the controls being activated or deactivated.
Another thing I’d like is command-tree aircraft locks on the ATC menus or simply not having new craft auto-cued into first place. Ive mentioned it before, but is worth repeating, it is frustrating when the command you send goes to the wrong aircraft.
I also wish the camera in the tower wasn’t so darn sensitive. A slower pan would be nice.
Finally it would be nice to have a terrain map in the cockpit flight plan screen. Like the one the ATC’s have.
These are all just little wishes, and have probably been asked for before.


Sometimes I disengage the A/P accidentally, but it happens quite rarely to me.
Anyway, Force Touch could be used for the lock option you’ve suggested.

Neither real world aircraft have them, so I’m not supporting this idea.


Ever see a flight tracker with terrain (and or weather) on board an aircraft? I have.


thats not an airliner.

You know what I meant…


Erm, pretty sure it is.

thats GA…

My old boss had the garmin fitted to his cessna 172 and pa28 before we went hi tech to a king air lol

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The point I’m making is to simply have a bit of colour in the darn map. Being able to select different ‘auxilary’ or ‘additional’ tech (like the garmin) would of course be excellent, but probably undoable on this platform. Like I said, having a map similar to the one used in ATC - which is optional if you don’t like the terrain feature, wouldn’t be a bad thing. Adds a bit of eye candy - if you want it - and as it is already there in the ATC screen, it wouldn’t be very difficult to import to the pilot screen. Getting hung up on wording such as airliner or aircraft, GA, or commercial, is all a little trivial and somewhat irrelevant to the suggestion I proposed; which was just a little wish list.G

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Still, a handy bit of kit to have don’t you think?

Then again, these days you can get all of that and more on an ipad attached to a leg strap or mounted on specialized clamps on the dashboard. 🖖🏻

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