Optional Automatic Spoiler retract

Okay I think I speak for a few people (friends mainly) when I say, this new “feature” where the spoilers retract automatically isn’t only annoying but if we really get into it, it’s useless.

It’s not realistic, it’s not reducing work load, it’s just annoying.

Im not saying completely remove it, people who want it can still use it. But for people like me, make it atleast optional. Maybe in the settings tab in the pause menu, idk. But atleast make it optional. We’d much prefer to have control over when our spoilers retract. Thank you.

(If it is optional and I just haven’t seen it don’t be rude just tell me thanks)

Laura’s response to the spoiler feedback after the new update. Just thought I’d share this here: Infinite Flight 22.2 - #195

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Cool I guess, still annoying and should be OPTIONAL.


i agree, like me too i like to retract my spoilers when i’m on the taxiway as a lot of pilots do that


Yes that would be nice especially since American Airlines does not retract the spoilers until after you’ve exited the runway


I definitely agree it should be optional if the team can do that, but I will point oit that “It’s not realistic” is dependant on aircraft type, though I guess that only supports the case that it should be optional.


Yes heavily dependent on the aircraft, but from my knowledge only a few aircraft have that. Most aircraft don’t (I’d assume). Go to an airport and watch a plane land, they’d have the spoilers deployed right up until they turn off the taxiway.


Yeah you are absolutely right. That’s the only thing I’ve ever heard of. I was just assuming.


I think the issue right now is the way autobrake detects takeoff config.
A better way would be: spoilers go up when autobrake activates, and does not go down until turn off manually.

Also, what happens to spoilers on a touch-and-go go around, and how is it handled if IF right now?


100% agreed. Honestly, I find it jarring when it’s retracted automatically especially when auto brake is off because I’d rather to turn off the spoilers wherever and whenever I want. Some pilots do it irl too. Yes there may be technical issues or pilot error but it’s normal for that to happen. It’s gonna take a lot to fix and code this feature but still. Here’s an example I filmed a couple of months ago with the A321neo go to 19:08 in the timeline and you’ll see |Planespotting| 2# Dublin Airport w/ Icelandair B752, United B764 & more (4K 60fps) - YouTube


On touch-and-go, the spoilers and autobrakes activate if your thrust is on idle or reverse and, of course, you’re on the ground, with autobrake activating 4 seconds after your touchdown; once you increase your thrust above idle, the spoilers retract and autobrake disengages.

As for the go-around, nothing really happens, your autobrake and spoilers remain with the same settings as before the G/A.

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I also find it annoying that we are not really able to do the flight control checks on the ground anymore. We used to be able to fully extend the spoilers on the ground by selecting spoilers armed, but now that has been removed. I’m aware that flight spoilers can be used but it’s not the same yk?

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Isn’t it a thing where you don’t have to enable the autobreak? You can just land like before and manually retract the spoilers still, I could be wrong.

I can agree, I saw that a lot at JFK when the aircrafts do their checks in real. So I’ve done it as well in IF for the feel of realism.

Haha yeah iirc a lot of US airlines mandate their pilots to do that. (I could be completely wrong though!!)

I’ve been on quite a few 777’s , 787’s, a380’s and a few other small planes and I can say I’ve never seen the spoilers being retracted on the runway. overall, the update is great but from when I first saw the autobrake feature I kind of knew I wasn’t going to use it and it’s now really annoying that this spoiler feature effects how the whole game is played whether you’re using autobrake or not. Maybe they can add the spoiler feature as an option to have on or off in settings like the landing aid feature.


Apart from manually disarming the spoilers after landing, the spoilers now behave exactly as they would IRL (it wasn’t possible to do this at the time as it added too much complexity but we hope that this is something that can be looked at in future iterations of the spoilers).

I know people may be disappointed with not being able to do things such as ‘flight control checks’ by arming the spoilers, but actually this isn’t something that arming the spoilers was ever meant to do in the first place and is another element that hopefully we can eventually look at and improve.

For v1, this was really about trying to give pilots a much more realistic experience with how autobrakes and spoilers are used IRL. I have closed this feature request as this is already something that we have looked at and if it becomes a possibility, will be added (so you can use your votes on other features). Thank you very much for your understanding