Optional 16:9 Display View for iPad

I would like to be able to display IF as a 16:9 display on an iPad.

iPhones and iPod Touches have 16:9 display aspect ratios that AirPlay to an Apple TV full screen. However, when I try to AirPlay IF from an iPad, it displays as a 4:3 aspect ratio on a 16:9 HDTV screen. The sides of the screen have the black columns on the sides as filler. If I zoom the TV settings, I lose the top and bottom of the IF screen.

In future releases, could there be an option to display IF on an iPad at a 16:9 aspect ratio, similar to the iPhone and iPod Touch?


Do you have the new Apple TV or the previous gen one?

I think it’s the older one.

Looks like a square black hockey puck, if hockey pucks were square.

Costs about $70 at Best Buy a year or two ago.

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Yeah I had the same issue with the £50 one I have the new one as well so if I have time I will check it on that as it could have been fixed in the newer model

I don’t think it’s the Apple TV… I think it’s the IF app, itself.

Apparently, there are two different aspect ratio versions of the IF IOS app. The 16:9 version is designed for iPhone and iPod Touch, while the 4:3 version is designed for the iPads. I did not have a choice which version I wanted to install - either Apple or IF decide that automatically, depending on what device the app is being installed on.

Here are some screen shots to show what I mean…

First the iPad screen shot:

And here is the iPod Touch (and iPhone) screen:


The difference in the app is obvious. Not only is the aspect ratio different, the buttons are all rearranged. That tells me it’s the app itself that’s different.

I just want the option to display the 16:9 version on my iPad. Not only would it make the AirPlay on Apple TV display as full screen, it would add a cinematic wide screen effect that I like. I can suffer the loss of screen space on my device because I AirPlay to a 50" HDTV - PLENTY of screen space!

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Just to add…

My iPad is a more “yoke-sized” device than my iPod Touch. I’d rather hold an iPad by the edges in two hands than poke at the itty bitty buttons on an iPod Touch or iPhone while holding it in my fingers. I don’t know how you iPhone folks do it. I “fat finger” the buttons all the time which makes for horrific landings. Just sayin’.

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