Option with pilots to request hold near to destination airport

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What’s your take on a situation , where an inbound aircraft requests radar vectors to the destination airport for an appropriate alignment to the runway, but is higher than the normal altitude( for ex , above FL100 ) before it can start final descent procedures for an ILS intercept.

But shouldn’t an approach controller instead of providing a heading to the available runway, should provide a hold vector to the aircraft , till the time it comes near to right approach pattern altitude ? Curious question.

As many times I tried requesting from an altitude from which descent couldn’t be completed at a normal rate , still the controller provides direct vectors to the runway or to the pattern loop which arriving aircrafts were following. Which then leads to missed approach.

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Try to request it from your cruise flight level overhed of the airport. I think they will notice something wrong at least with your TAS. 🤨

It is about vectors, not speed , 🤔

my take is that if you are on approach even higher than normal that isn’t ATCs problem as that is your responsibility in the air, so I don’t think adding a ATC option for a pilots responsibilty is nessasary.

How can we make a perfect hold pattern?

Firstly, you have to choose your holding point. It can be a fix in your flight plan as well as any VOR/DME or NDB.
Then establish your outbound and inbound headings of the holding pattern (if the holdong point in your flight plan then inbound heading can be the same as the leg heading).
So, now you can find out which type of entry you must use according to ICAO Doc 8168. I guess, the photo below can help a lot.
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You also have to establish direction of turn (left or right, usually right), max IAS (usually 230kts) and MSA.
After you perform the entry just fly in compliance with pre-established parameters and don’t forget that outbound leg is flown with a 60 secs timer.

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