Option to Type to ATC

I think it would be cool if you could type something to the Air Traffic Controllers. Like if you want to say something important, but it’s not on the list of things you can say. Ex:( Pilot: Goodmorning Carson! ) However, these will be private messages that will not be heard by other aircraft. This could overcome the problem of talking to ATC, because of nimrods that will decide to troll. However, with typing, you can put a restriction on some words. My first feature request of 2016. Happy New Year!


Actually, the first feature request of 2016! But, anyways, maybe this should only be on advanced, so as to prevent trolling


Yes only on advanced and add a option to report profanity


I can still make the last comment of 2015, its not 2016 yet for me!


I was going to say only advanced. Otherwise FFS & PG would become a swearword madhouse for non-community members.

Anyone who abuses it should be kicked off advanced for a week or so, maybe more. And I would also advise it should be kept an “option” as you put it. The last thing you want to be doing on final is checking how to spell expedite.

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Would be awsome

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Autocorrect option? ;)

PMs to atc are not good imo. A controller controlling at busy frequency might get too many PMs, which will affect his/her controlling ability.

They’re talking about typing “Taxi to Runway 09” not PM’ing them :)

These days people use the record button to dictate messages that are then transcribed.

I could very well imagine that feature in IF. No more typing “Taxi to Runway 09” but actually saying it.

That could be useful, sometimes you want to send a message that isn’t listed as well

not a bad idea