Option to turn off FPV (flight path vector)

Though the flight path vector is a useful tool in the HUD, I would like to have the option to turn it off, because I believe fighters, the A350, some 737s, and the 787 are the only aircraft that have it IRL. IMO, it makes flying too easy on the other aircraft.


Here is a link to a quick video that describes what the flight path vector is and function. Just in case there are some community members that may not know what it is.


Not only fighter jets and 787 have the HUD. Qatar has HUD on some of their A350.


Some 737’s have the FPB too


Limited number of Dash-8s do too. But still. I’d love to see this an option.


I just learned something new thank you

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@Nicholas_L… This is the 3d Topic this week complaint about a modern marvel, the Vector. You know you can turn off the HUD/Flight Director by selecting HUD-2, then set up the Dash Board as a 6 Pack and eyeball zoom till your hearts content! Keep in mind Steam gauges are vintage avionics. Wanna barn storm or fly by the seat of your pants grab a GA and set up the cockpit for VFR/hand flying w/o the HUD if that’s you wimsey. Even those moldy old 777
& 737’s have Vector w/I there Flight Directers. If IF had working instrumentation you’d see it leading the way even in 79 designed Trash Haulers. Vectors are the future, soon every GA that comes of the line will have a glass cockpit w/a Vector just like the Liners. it’s the 21 centry my boy. Max Sends

(Note: A HUD (Heads Up Display) is noting but a Flight Director screen Repeater depicted on a cathod Ray tube. See the flip down HUD in the C-130.
HUD"s are vintage instruments, Hell you can buy one for your car from Amazon or any hi- end automotive store)


I think there is an option in the latest update where you can turn this off.
and sorry this is two years later lol

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Delivered in the 18.4 release.