Option to turn off flight plan copying

They (the flight plans) from airport to airport (for example KBOS-KATL) are established. Depending on a couple factors, the flights follow one of a few established flight plans. The pilots don’t pick out waypoints at random.


For example. This route will be flown continuously. Or one of a couple others will be chosen. Each route isn’t a random, proprietary collection of waypoints.


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This would very much come in handy for me. It seems I cant do at least 2 flights without someone spawning in, copying my flight plan and tailing me. Its annoying and sad because I only fly on expert, and this happens on expert all the time. I would have this Feature on 24/7. Lets get some votes for this.

I mean I can agree that we should do this because once I’m trying to fly KLAS-KBOS and some guy decides to copy my flight plan on Expert and flies a few yards from me. But, I wouldn’t really want an update to take about 4 weeks to add this feature.

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I do have to support this feature. I am one that gets angry when others copy my flight plan. I mostly do long hauls and put in a lot of time to prepare them outside just randomly using Simbrief to give me it’s recommended route. So when I see someone copy it it almost feels like they are plagiarizing my work. It’s a petty thing but really also would discourage people trying to put you into a group flight. Like when someone copies my FPL and than flies 1nm behind me the entire way. I put hard work into making this flight realistic and someone is just doing it to be annoying really.


I thought that I was the only one who felt that way. But in a sense, yes it is exactly like plagiarizing. I spend about 20 to 30 minutes flight planning. Checking weather, etc…just to have someone spawn in for 2 minutes, copy my work, and takeoff, or follow me the whole route.

Infinite Sail


It’s a flight plan. Not a doctoral thesis. Is it really so annoying if someone copies it? I mean even in real life some airlines use basically the same flight plans depending on the route and weather.

It’s a No from me.


@Marc, For me and many others, that’s not so much the issue. It’s when people copy your FPL and follow you very closely like it’s some group flight, but I never asked for one. The simple solution would be to add a feature where you can simply turn off your FPL where others can’t copy it.

Looking into the point you’re trying to make you would need a feature that would not allow the troll to follow you less than (i.e. 2nm). Not hiding your FP.

I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but to be honest I don’t see the point of creating such a feature, Infinite Flight is a full featured mobile simulator with a great multiplayer community, which gives a huge advantage when comparing to others mobile simulator apps. That was the point when they created this FP copying option, so that it would bring interactions in between users in a multiplayer server.

I personally copy FP sometimes, I’m not gonna lie, because sometimes I run out of ideas on where I should fly today and this feature allows me to have another option of flight plans on the go, and of course with realism respecting safe flying space between planes. And there is days as well I spend minutes preparing my own flight plan.

I just think by bringing a feature like this would kill a bit of this interaction between users inside the platform, I had amazing experiences with formation flights with users I never interacted here in the community maybe because they don’t use IFC, all of this because I copied their flight plans or they copied mine.

You just have to be mindful and patient because there is trolls everywhere, even on expert server sometimes.

But hey…

That’s a bit drastic. If we do get this feature, no one is going to follow you if they cant see where your going/no able to copy your FPL.

That is a great point, but think about it. It’s not like with this feature it will kill the player interaction. Whoever wants to fly group flights can leave this feature off, which at times is only a handful of ppl. Secondly I already have enough player interaction on the ground and In the air. Ppl flying 1000ft or more above and below goin to different places, sometimes the same destination. I love it. What I dont need is someone to tail me a few ft behind me to have a great time. That ruins the experience that I and many other want to have.

Once again man this does absolutely nothing to player interaction. That argument in my opinion is kind of irrelevant. You literally interact with everyone when you fly on any of the multiplayer servers. Besides, there are a lot of people on expert who don’t know what they’re doing. I like to stay away from them.

I’ll be mindful and turn the FPL off. Then they can’t follow me 😊

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Here is the thing. All you people tooting about wanting realism yet defending a copy FPL button. If you want to get the same FPL then you enter it in like the pilots do. They dont have a magical “copy FPL” button. They still need to enter it in themselves.


What’s the point?
Sometimes it’s good to have someone fly with you but in a ‘suprise’

The big picture I am trying to get across is that some of us…scratch that…the overwhelming majority of us want to fly our routes alone. We aren’t looking for a random “Flight of 2” with someone who follows you extremely/dangerously close.

Like I said it is great if you decide with another person that you want to do a formation flight. Perfectly fine, but for the people who dont want a formation flight or someone copying there FPL, then this feature would work great. I wont have to worry about any trolls anymore. Every other flight that I’ve done this past month, somebody has taken my flight plan, took off with me and tailed me like it was something we coordinated. That’s unacceptable, especially for Expert Server where I fly 100% of the time, and must be stopped.

I had a grade 2 copy my flight plan and ride my tail at 1nm until I had it and did a 360. If people acted professionally it wouldn’t be an issue.


That is such a great point. And @MacGyver, that’s exactly the problem I’ve been having, just on Expert Server, which in a sense makes it worse. People are not acting very professional with that feature.

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I’ve just got angry at this dude copying my flight plan one by bit. He’s a Cathay 777 going to Auckland but now he’s following me to Los Angeles. It gets rlly annoying after awhile. I need this…

hitting here, this is something simple and had to be added, it’s annoying when someone copies your plan and flight pasted on you

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