Option to turn lights aircraft interior lights on/off

Hello! Welcome to my second feature request as my first one was highly controversial and pretty daring. This one is much more calm and a lot less daring so enjoy. First of all let me explain aircraft interior lights so you have an idea of what I’m talking about. Infinite flight has an automated la ding system in its most modern planes which is basically a system in which the cockpit and external window lights turn on after a certain point in which dawn is near and turn off when the sun rises. This feature can be found on certain new aircraft such as CRJ, C130, A320, 787 etc. My request is a button located on the actions tab that allows you to turn the cockpit and window lights on/off. This would add realism to the sim as the cockpit lights don’t automatically turn on/off in real life. In fact there is a system which dims the lights so the on/off button I’m talking about doesn’t even exist but I believe it’s the only option within FDSs range of development.

Feel free to ask any questions about this feature! I am open to critisicm and constructive critisicm!

This would not work on the A320 and other aircraft besides the CRJ I don’t think as it’s a texture applied to the livery.

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I understand your point but when I say on/off it’s means that the aircraft could have the same lighting it has in daytime but at night for example imagine an A320 with the daytime texture but at night.