Option to tell controller to check help pages

We need an option to to tell the ATC to chec help pages. The ground controller at KSAN got on my last nerves. I relly wanted to tell him exactly that.

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Well this is playground, they are trying to learn… It won’t make anyone happy if you send “please check help pages.”


I don’t think help pages exist for controllers, unless you get someone dedicated that would put the time into making ATC tutorials. Oh wait, maybe an option to tell the controller to check out IF ATC’s YouTube Channel! :)


This would just make everyone a total savage.

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Yes that would be really cool for example I was Flying from Mmtj to Knuc and set my Flight plan to Runway 24Knuc Than the Wind changed and I approached Runway 06 But than C.A 2NM from The Runway The Tower go online and told me 2NM for the Runway that I have to go around and enter left Downwind Rw.24 (It was actually red and all Runway were clear) (And two planes behind me don’t followed instructions and landed rw06)

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