Option to Spawn in the Pattern [Solo mode]

I was flying this morning, and I was thinking, what if you had the option to spawn in on downwind, or on base, when selecting “Short Final” or “Takeoff” What I’m requesting is that there is an option to start anywhere in the traffic pattern for a runway. So in the pause menu, by the takeoff and short final buttons, there’s another one that says pattern, and you click that, and start by selecting the runway, which pulls up a map, with the pattern outlined in red, and you click, where ever you like on the pattern, and you will spawn there, at the correct altitude for that leg of the pattern. It could go even more in depth after that, by the user choosing their speed. The pattern size would increase for every category of aircraft. The GA pattern would be the smallest, then the narrowbodies, then the wide bodies. The pattern sizing is just for convenience, so you don’t have to make a extremely tight turn in the 747, and end up overshooting the next leg. Here is a picture for you to better understand.

The white dot represents the spot in the pattern that the user chose. Then, after choosing where to start, there will be a menu that pops up, asking if you want to set a speed, if you decline, the game will calculate what speed to start you at depending on your plane and weight. Thanks for reading, and if you have any suggestions, leave a comment! Note: This is in solo mode

I think this is quite an interesting idea for solo. I don’t feel that it’s needed, but at the same time it’s not a bad idea.


I believe that Short Final & Takeoff are Solo flying only… this would be as well.


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Misunderstanding I think… I am saying that this feature in only suitable for solo mode. No ATC involved.


I think it would be a nice feature to have a simple line on the map, similar to the hold path that shows up, to help train users on how to do a pattern.

I agree, this can only be done in solo mode. As an ATC I do not want people magically appearing on downwind without taking off from somewhere and filing a proper flight plan.

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i disagree. Maybe this would actually help people understand what “Remaining in the Pattern” means. Plus just because someone can get a high number of landings doesn’t make them experienced.

It’s been said repeadtly that it’s only for Solo mode, not any of the online stuff


This actually would help you do traffic patterns more successfully

It will help noobs to learn what pattern work is.

Yes, this would be a nightmare for ATC which is why it would only be in solo mode. Like what @Aussie_Cockatoo said, it would help people learn about patterns.

This would be for use in solo mode 👍🏻

Like everyone else, perhaps on solo it would be ok but on LIVE, it could conflict with any aircraft that’s already in the pattern. Furthermore, it can create a nightmare for any controller who has already sequenced several planes and would now have to re-sequence again. I can see pilots already abusing this option to avoid waiting in line for take-off or just to simply cut traffic and do one pattern.

This will NOT be for use in live mode. I agree, it would be terrible in live

Everyone please stop bringing in live mode to the conversation. It’s clear from the beginning that the OP understands that there is no possible way this feature request would be practical, let alone feasible, in live. Let us leave it alone at that…

Moving on…

I personally think this is an excellent idea. This will allow users to not only get a better understanding of patterns, but also some practice configuring aircraft for landing while in the pattern as well. Another great tool to have for seeking self-improvement.


Come on guys, it’s written clearly in the title of this thread that this feature is meant for Solo mode only. 🙂

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While I think this is an interesting idea, I don’t really see the point in it since you can either just spawn on the runway and take off or spawn on final and land. I think it would be more beneficial to do the full thing if you want to practice pattern work: take off, go downwind, turn base and land. If you want to practice landings as mentioned you can do that. It just doesn’t make as much sense for me to do half of it when you can easily do the full portion and benefit more from that.