Option to save previous flight plans

Now, while this is a great idea! It’s probaly going too use up a bit of storage. Maybe it would be possible to put it in the cloud.

I think it is a good idea for VA flights, or a favored route you would fly when global is out

57 votes in over a day! That is good. Keep Getting The Votes In!

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Great idea, i totally support it! It Will save so much time. Hopefully this could be added

I just thought what if this was implemented and you could view your saved flight plans in a library sort of thing.

I am absolutely sure this has been requested previously.

Here it is, I just took my vote off. @moderators you may want to close this old one :)
Btw this would be an extremely helpful feature, I have wanted it for years.

Considering how popular this feature would be, maybe @moderators may consider closing down the old request as that’s over 2 years old :-)

Yes, I already tagged the moderators and asked if it could be closed 😉

My bad I misread it :-)

The maximum storage it would take is a few kilobytes. But if you saved a lot of flight plans it might go to a couple of megabytes, and that’s pretty much it. Wouldn’t take a lot of space.

Great suggestion! I would love this too!

I never like making flight plans for routes I always fly. It would be nice to have this feature.

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I’m out of votes, but I fully support this.

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I don’t usually vote but you have mine on this one. I do a long haul sector a day and its a chore just to key in 30 odd fixes.

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The older thread was made before the eventual advent and release of global…therefore since they are much more elaborate now…IMHO… it should almost be considered a necessity now… not only to save fpls…but also to able to retrieve a menu of previously planned and completed fpl’s as well for immediate access…thus each pilot can have a virtual library of his aviating activities !!!

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42 posts, 87 votes. It doesn’t get better than that. Brilliant idea and I fully support it.

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I don’t think it’s that needed you can always just copy your FPL & paste it somewhere else, and use it again when you do that route. Keep in mind though with live weather it’s just better to create a new route again.

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There’s a lot of different ways to do this, and I thought of two equally good ways. You could either save the flight plan in game, and then have it accessible on a list somewhere, or load one into a page (a sub-page on the main selection screen maybe), click save, then once in-game again select from a list? Also maybe the list could be organized alphabetically by the titles of the two airports (ex. KLAX-KSFO). It would be a cool feature to have though!

Alright after setting almost 25 waypoints between EDDF and KORD, I accidentally wiped out my flight plan by clicking on direct button to a waypoint. I just had 4 left to set before setting waypoints for approach. I rage quit because it took me like good 10-15 minutes to set waypoints. Saving the flight plan would prevent this mistake by saving whatever you have then just reload it when you screw your plan up.

I think a warning message will be needed to stop people from wiping out their flight plan after setting more than 5 waypoints. Let me know if there is a freature request for it, it’s probably needed much more now due to Global.


I just threw my vote on this. hopefully it will be happened soon!