Option to Renew?

I just have a quick question:

Is it possible to renew a subscription ahead of time before the expiration date, or do you have to renew when the subscription expires? I know there are other topics discussing this but the answers, they say, lie in the subscriptions section of the App Store. I went to Check on it and it doesn’t show the subscription at all. I went on the app and I didn’t see a renew button on there. Am I missing something? Thanks!

What you need to do is either have enough cash in your account to automatically renew or try accessing the appstore or android store settings for advanced options.

But I’m pretty sure you can’t renew ahead of schedule.

I have a default payment set on the account and I went to my profile page to see my subscriptions and Infinite Flight Pro wasn’t there. I wonder if it would auto renew or not if I don’t see the subscription.

If you have enough cash to renew the subscription what you are able to do is only renew once the current subscription is ending.

Ok, so I can only renew once the subscription expires but not ahead of time. Also, will it auto-renew since there Infinite Flight Pro is not found in my subscription list on my Apple ID profile.

I had a balance when my subscription was ending and what I received was an email asking if I want to renew 24 hours before expiry! So I believe that this is the only option to wait 24 hours before the subscription expires and renew once the email is sent.

Alright, thanks for the help! I appreciate it. :)

No worries, It will most likely be asking for auto or manual renewal once the current expires. So I believe we solved your problem, remember, You need to have enough credit to receive the auto renew!

Your Pro Subscription is valid until April of next year. You are set for quite sometime. Your live subscription rolled into a Pro Sub with the Global Update. Cheers 😉

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Yeah, I was just asking to see if there was any way I could renew my subscription early just in case my parents decide to give me an early birthday present.

Thanks for the help though.