Option to remove the weight of weapons

Some time ago i was flying the A-10 and i packed some armament for realism purposes. Because of my heavy load i had to use 100% throttle to keep my speed. As i have reached my destination where i should drop all my bombs etc. i turned around and flew back to the airbase with my full armament. So i now request the feature to drop all the armament from the plane to simulate the use of weapons so you now only have fuel on board. The devs could add an button for that or just make it able to use the weight menu in flight.

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I have done that now

Go on casual server for one minute and you will find someone in a fighter jet or another military aircraft, and if you let them drop bombs on us…Mind-blown because it will blow us up as well, why because its casual server no one respects it.


What if it just slowly disappeared from your weight?

Kind of like fuel dumping


I don’t want an option to drop the weapons, i want to be able to remove it in flight so the plane is lighter

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That is what i would like to implement


That actually sounds pretty interesting. I like that. So, let’s say you click a button to dump the weapons, your weight gradually goes down, and while it goes down, the armaments visible on the front of the aircraft disappear. Really neat idea.

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Well from your title saying Option to Dump Weapons leaded me to believe that you wanted to drop the weapons not have them slowly go away like the fuel dump feature.

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@Qantas094, make sure to read his post:

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Yes, i have changed it now

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I can’t vision in any real life situation a pilot deciding to drop dangerous weapons on their own country because they want to be lighter. Maybe in some dramatic emergency but if that emergency happened in IF you could have prevented it.

That is true, but a pilot would drop his weapons on his target. But as you can’t remove the weight in flight to simulate an attack i request this feature.

But would they explode

Any feature involving attacking doesn’t have place on IF.

Please read my full feature request and you will see that my request doesn’t involve any attack option in IF. I want to
remove the weapons from the aircrafts weight

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It’s still basically pointless. But if you want to remove it in-flight you can do this in solo! If your feature doesn’t involve attacking you shouldn’t need other players right? And if online pack a little less yeah?
I resign

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That is like the idea that fuel dump is useless because if you want to use it you can do that in Solo too


You can drop bombs in infinite flight?

No you can’t. The OP would like to have a feature to remove the weapon’s weight inflight.