Option to remove surrounding airports on the ATC radar

Hello all.

I’ve noticed that whenever I control an airspace, surrounding airports (Airport Icons and ILS cones) always distract me whenever I zoom out and look for inbound aircraft.

Today, I request an option to remove all Airport icons and/or ILS/GPS cones from the ATC radar apart from the airport(s) we are controlling.


You can click on options on the map and remove uncontrolled airports no?

Yes, but the other airports are still there…

Sorry my bad tought it removes them all…

There are uncontrolled an controlled. In the case of an airport e.g HKJK or OMDB, the airports are surrounded by other controllable airports. It will make it easier to train for IFATC.


This would be nice considering you can only control one airport at a time. Voted!

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