Option to rearrange Flight UI buttons

This would be helpful for left-handed users. What I think this should be like is a tool in settings, which will let us move, and reshape different groups of buttons and tools, and even reshuffle the buttons depending on what we need (or want).

This would be cool honestly, so you can customize it to your comfortability and style. However, I’m already used to the original UI.


great idea…

ask this after they’re done global and have nothing to do then they will actually look into it XD

They are too busy on global to focus on anything else

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This would be helpful. I’m left handed too, I found the controls a bit difficult at first but then I just adapted :P

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Im left handed, no problem with the current setup my thumbs aren’t left or right thumbed.

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Bumping this up due to lack of support. I would really like this feature.

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Bumping it back again… I was going to make a feature request for this myself when I saw this one 😅


Not a bad idea! Wouldn’t say it’s something of a priority, but wouldn’t mind having this in general

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Yeah, I will love to have such a feature were you can rearrange the controls, it will help me a lot!