Option to quit ATC frequencies individually

An option to be able to quit an ATC frequency position individually rather than having to end the session and quit multiple frequencies (if more than one is opened)

For example:
User opens Tower and Ground ATC at EGLL. Tower work soon becomes overwhelming with a lot of traffic and the controller cannot manage both Tower and Ground with a quality service. The user could quit the ground frequency only to allow someone else to man the Ground frequency while the user continues giving a quality tower service.


I can’t believe this hasn’t been requested yet! Anyway, this would be a fantastic option to quit a frequency, such as ground in this example, and to continue to give quality tower service. This is a much better option then to end your session, de select( if that’s even correct grammar) the frequency, and then having to go through another loading screen. This would most likely end up in someone beating you to the frequency you were manning for a while. Excellent idea.


I realy like this idea

This and being able to open a frequency while already controlling would be sweet. Like if I am tower and someone else is ground, and they leave, then I could take both ground and tower without having to get all the way out. Going back to your idea, in my opinion it would be helpful at times. Good idea.

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Yeah, adding a frequency would be helpful too. Like you said we could take over ground, or if the airspace is quiet and we have inbounds quite far out we could take approach and man all three of its quiet

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Great idea!

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