Option to Move & Replace Waypoints in Your FPL

Picture this: You’re making this nice flight plan to another destination and you accidentally selected a wrong waypoint but didn’t notice until after your flight plan was complete. How furious are you? Now you have to delete everything and start over! What a pain!!

So, the devs should add the option of deleting single waypoints and replacing them with the better alternative so you don’t have to delete your entire flight plan over one mistake.

Opinions? Post below. :)


Grest idea. It hurts a lot specially when you plan the perfect aproach trough the mountains.


I’ve done a search and I this post is the closest I can find.

How can I delete a single waypoint if I made a mistake during flight planning? I’m having to delete the whole plan and start over.

This wasn’t really the best thread to comment this on but you select the waypoint of your choosing and click the minus (-) sign to remove it. :)

You cannot move or replace any waypoints as of yet though which is the purpose of this feature request.


Amazing idea, this would be great for long and complicated routes! This has my vote. :)

Go to your map screen. Hold the map button until Map
Pops up. Select Map+FPL or FPL. Go to the waypoint you messed up and clicked the " - " symbol to remove that certain FPL.

Click on the Map button to open the map options

Click on desired waypoint and click " - " button to remove

That removes the waypoint as a whole. This is a request to be able to replace or move waypoints. In the current system, you can only add waypoints to the end of your route, so you would have to delete every waypoint after a mistake in order to correct it.

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He was asking how to remove a waypoint…

Yes, no worries. I’ve already told him how to do it. :)

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Lol yeah I saw that as I was uploading everything. 👍👌

This would be a great feature as I can’t count how many times I’ve had to delete over half of my flight plan to correct a mistake.

Thank you so much, @Nathan and @Gavin_Hertel!


This is very very necessary. Its so annoying having to delete your flight planif you need up 1 point or your destination runway goes red

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