Option to move controls on iPad

If you have an iPad you probably know what i’m talking about. When you fly it is very hard to reach all of the controls since they are on the very bottom. I was thinking, what if there was a setting to be able to move all of the controls up and down. Here’s kinda what i’m thinking.

I personally don’t find it very hard to reach. When grasping my iPad from both sides, my thumbs are positioned so that I can reach the buttons/throttle comfortably. Others may have different experiences then me, and it may just be the size of my iPad. Also, don’t forget to vote for your on request!


My fingers is perfect to the controls

I know a lot of us use joysticks, yokes, and other technology to substitute those buttons, and tbh it wouldn’t really matter where those buttons are positioned

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An option to lock status bar would be nice. Because when zooming sometimes I touch status bar and change its configuration.

To be honest I find the controls on the ipad currently to be very nice and good for me. But thats just my opinion.