Option to mark aircraft in map view

I would like to suggest a feature that allows users to mark a plane (or more than one) in IF-live map view.

When I fly with other users or in a team I sometimes loose visual contact. Then I switch to map view to locate them again.
My own plane is white, so I know where I am. If I had marked planes before (e.g. gray, green or a larger symbol) I would now be able to find them instantly.

Fairly often there are only a few pilots around. No sweat then. However, some regions are mighty popular and whenever there is one of the special events it gets real crowded. So it might be worth considering


To add to this I thought:


It would also be good to highlight someone you are taking a screenshot of in Live.

This feature will remove the coolness and highlighting of the Staff/Dev/Mods Name tags as they have diffirent colour ones than normal pilots …

Infitite Pilots app is a good start to track your “friends”

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