Option to keep ils cone on atc map even when zoomed out

Lately I’ve been practicing to someday become approach controller and I noticed one thing I think could be handy for controllers.

Whenever you zoom out a bit on the radar, you can’t see the ils cone anymore. My request is very simple. It’s just to have the possibility to be able to go in the map settings and make it stay. (Even if you press randomly on the map). You might say it’s complicated to handle for mobile devices to have that option. That’s why it would only let you see the cone for the airport you’re controlling. And for people that don’t like to see it, they could just make it disappear in settings.

Here is what it currently looks like:

And this is what it would look like:

Now currently you can make it appear by clicking on the airport, but as soon as you tap somewhere else on the map, you can’t see the cone anymore…

Hope you like the request. Please tell me what you think. And if you’re an approach controller, if you think it’s handy or not really.

I would say that the cones don’t appear due to optimization and performance reasons. Same logic as why we don’t see all of the airports on the map when we zoom out.


It would only be for the airport we’re controlling…

Then if you’re wanting the cones to show up from a further zoom distance your probably over controlling. Meaning you’re controlling outside of the optimum range that you should be. Just a thought…

For a tower controller yes definitely. Although for an approach controller I think it could be handy. I only did a few sessions for approach, so others know better than me, but when you’re giving the vectors I think it’s handy

@DeerCrusher you know better than me for that… do you think it’s useful as approach controller?

Couple things.

Controlling approach on a phone is not really optimal. I realize that not everyone can afford a tablet, but it’s virtually impossible to provide good approach services on a small device.

Second, you need the cone for final intercept. In order to be accurate with this vector, you need to be zoomed in enough to where you would see the cone.


I use a tablet☺️

I agree with that. Even on iPad I think it’s better to see precisely where you send people.

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Then I guess I’m not quite sure why this is an issue. If you’re zoomed out enough to where the cone disappears, then there’s really no need to see it. Maybe I’m missing what you’re after, but why do you need to see the cone when zoomed out so far?

If you’re vectoring someone close, you should be zoomed in enough for accuracy.

If you’re vectoring far away, the cone’s exact placement isn’t all that relevant.

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Yea it’s not really that important, but I don’t know I feel like I’m missing something without the cone. I’d personally like it, but I understand you don’t feel the need as you can perfectly control without it. I find it’s nice to see where the planes will have to go before intercepting. For that a mental representation is fine, but I think this feature could be handy. Obviously then for intercepting the localiser it’s necessary to be zoomed in

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