Option to Hide the pilots

Sometimes, people prefer not to have the pilots in the cockpit.

The picture above is the pilot in the crj 1000. The position tends to be a bit awkward, and some people just want to enjoy the aircraft without the pilots. So what I think would be awesome is a button(in the systems tab) to show/hide the pilots.

I wonder, but do they model the seats from where the pilots cover it?


Good Question. That may also need to be modeled.

I still think thats worth it to allow us to toggle the pilots on/off.

Yeah well I hope not! :)

Not necessary in my opinion. I can’t think of any situation where the pilot model disturbed my flight, or when it would have made any difference if the model would not have been there. Of course it’s not very realistic having a pilot just sitting there and doing nothing. But it doesn’t have any effect on the gameplay.

Well some people do prefer them not to be there, especially considering they don’t even touch the yokes/joysticks.

While this may be a nice, relatively “quick” fix, don’t you think working on more advanced pilot models may be a better use of developer time? With that, of course, comes great improvements to the user experience as well. Just a thought :)

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Some people prefer the cockpit without the pilots.

In that case, the more power to you.

This is definitely needed

I think we need this option, beacause these pilots consume a lot of my FPS…


I support this (but I don’t have any free votes). These pilots sometimes look a bit creepy when not moving.

Sometimes when I’m recording live I just stare at Steve to admire him…uhm…steve is my copilot.



Yes, right, especially at night / evening. Try to calm down when you look at him 😆 to get used and not afraid

Maybe someday they will be able to make pilots hands on moving throttle and yoke :)


Steve will save all of us. I do understand this topic though. For some people it may be distracting and no matter what, any human model will affect FPS so…