Option to further increase airplane count

The mobile market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. New groundbreaking features comes every single year, and mobile performance is increasing exponentially.

“Very high” for airplane count in the settings might have been ‘very high’ a few years back, but that is not the same case now. As ATC on a pretty powerful iPad, I often see planes dissapearing from my screen during peak hours.

I suggest a little more “fluid” control over airplane count, a system which will follow the ever increasing power on mobile devices.

Perhaps a ‘max rendered airplanes’ count or so.

This would also be good for photographers, who don’t care that much about smooth performance, but care about airplane count. :)


Agree with this, this would be useful on an iPad Air 2.


I wouldn’t go that far.

Maybe iPad Pro.

Highest setting works well on my Air 2. The Air 2 can handle a lot, nearly as much as the Pro.


I’ve seen the iPad Air 2 lag hard on longer sessions.

I certainly haven’t.


I have the iPad pro 12.9", doesn’t lag at all. :) Could have boosted that up!

Oh yes, I have an iPad Air 2 and it can handle every setting on full and works great.


Yep, I love it! I’ll only upgrade when it can’t update any more. I have a keyboard and bluetooth stylus for it, so its basically a pro, and I don’t see any difference between it and an iPad Pro.


100% support for this one. I can finally do my screenshot events with large airports without any rendering issues.


My iPad Air 2 has never lagged (except once) so I support this. Having even more aircraft boosted would be amazing