Option to double tap to raise/ lower landing gear

EDIT: As a little edit it might be a good idea to add to the general settings as a tick box with the other “Double tap to action gear” tick for yes untick for no to keep as a single tap.

This is the same concept as another feature request to double tap to disengage autopilot settings but applied to the landing gear by double tapping the gear button. I’m not sure how many people encounter this but I have lowered the gear during cruise by mistake before (and again today on the super long haul) and only caught it just in time before the aircraft slows down too much. A few times I haven’t been so lucky and plummeted into the sea with a string of speed violation to follow, which isn’t great.

I think this would be a great feature to have as you need to be able to double tap and actually engage the gear action intentionally - in a real aircraft you have a lever to pull down, which you can’t really do by mistake. I think it would give it a bit more of a chunky “action” feel as well if you have to double tap the gear button.


That’s not a bad idea

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Honestly, I don’t feel like this is a good idea. What if you pressed it accidentally and, what’s the point? You have one big satisfying button on the right of the screen and you push it in your own choice. I just find this feature a little pointless, and imagine you double tapped accidentally a second before touchdown… I hope you understand.
But that gives me an idea on being able to adjust your own settings. To figure out to double tap to activate gear, lights, flaps, etc.


Not a bad idea bro, if they was to do the double tap for landing gear they would have to alter the camera refocus as you double tap to recentre the view am I wrong?

I’m not sure if the camera alteration would be needed - the idea is that everything stays exactly the same except you double tap the gear button to action the gear instead of the single tap. The idea wouldn’t be to change anything else with it, just the conclusive action of the double tap meaning it was definitely intended instead of prodding it by mistake :-)

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Ohhh yeah that would be a great idea 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

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What if you were in the cockpit view and you want the camera to fix its position? You have to double tap. 😕

What I mean is not altering anything else other than double tapping the gear button - the effect would not interfere with anything else. If you want to camera to fix the position you have to double tap anyway away from any of the buttons on the HUD so it wouldn’t effect the camera or way of using the camera at all - just focusing on double tapping the gear button - original post edited to include this as a tick box OPTION in settings rather than making it compulsory for every user :-)

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Cool idea man!

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