Option to cross midfield or entering a 45 downwind pattern entry

These two pattern entries would be ideal for Infinte Flight as these are very common ways to ener the traffic pattern at both uncontrolled airports and controlled airports. Ive noticed mant times pilots will enter the downwind at basically any point and really should be entering at a 45 degree angle for any downwind. Not only will this help traffic flow but it will help make sequnecing and traffic seperation farther as for example.
N1DG number 2 enter 45 left downwind runway 24L Traffic to follow is on left base.

Crossing Midfield- Another pattern entry to help with taffic control. Used to figure out which ways the wind is coming from and too se eany other traffic at the airport. Also good for more time to descend if high on approcah, terrain clearance if theres terrain on one side of the airport and also a good way to clear the pattern to see if anyone is on crosswind, downwind, base or final. This can also be used for flying high over multiple runways such as at LAX.

N1DG cross midfield, enter left downwind 24L traffic to follow is on left base.

Comments and feedback is appreciated

Many community members will need a pictorial representation of the items that you are referencing so be forewarned, the unwillingness to research shall commence in T-Minus 5 minutes. Cheers


I definitely support the cross midfield option. I do need a refresher on the various ways of joining the downwind after crossing over the field. I can’t remember them all.

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Ill have a visual drawing of what I’m talking about in a minute

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awesome. glad its supported. refresher course incoming

![45 pattern entry |300x127](upload://4nrjxdZSXy18XvWYTmkrLdgvHRE.png pattern entry |1x1](upload://moWOzBlDbY3FvLbVmgmIXmG7UKP.gif)

45 degree entry too the pattern



Mid-field pattern entry


Cross midfield for sure, because airports such as SFO rely on that type of pattern entry due to tight air corridors in the Bay Area, and would help increase the level of realism. I’m out of votes though :/

Ah that’s a shame. Thanks for showing support

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As many other commands are needed for our ATC system this is a good one for sure to have. Unfortunately I’m all outta votes. Hopefully there will be a big change with ATC commands for both controllers and pilots soon. Nice request

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@N1DG if you haven’t already, I suggest placing those in the commands wishlist.

ATC Commands Wishlist (Comprehensive List)

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I haven’t. I didn’t even know there was a such thing. This was more or explaining what it was and why it would be useful