Option to complete the in-complete flights from log book

Hello Infinite flight community i’ve just came accross my flights log and seen that i’ve some incomplete flights which ive not ended while i was flying but closed the IF application due to some emergency, but what if i want to continue that flight again ? i can’t instead i have to re do that flight from start, what i was thinking if there should be an option of load flight or resume flight in log book which means i can resume the flight in air at the point i’ve leaved it, for example a flight form CYVR To EHAM and i’ve leaved it above Greenland next time i can resume it above greenland with same flighplan, livery & etc i understand that due to this servers will have to save the data but this process of completing the flight should be done with in 7 days or else it will not work

if this can be done it will give more flexibility to those low end device peoples whose app gets crashed during long hauls

Thanks for reading please vote if you agree

Good idea, but I feel it can’t, because it becomes unrealistic, and some forget that it is flying. haha. Some can’t fly long flights, but I don’t blame the Infinite Flight. To be more realistic, it is necessary to carry out updates and fixes.


Great idea there! This would work perfectly in cases where the app crashed!

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A problem I see with this is, that if you lose connection on a busy approach for example. You leave the flight and rejoin it at a random point in time when another aircraft might be very close to you creating a separation bust

While this is a good idea, I believe your votes would be better spent on this topic (“Leave your flight” at cruise) as this topic would erase the need to continue a flight because you can leave it halfway through.

P.S I’m not suggesting this topic should be closed, simply offering a alternative similar feature that already has many votes

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