Option to chat with fellow controller during live ATC operation

Hi Aviators,

As we all see , sometimes the large airports get overwhelmed by a swarm of aircrafts.

It would be great if there is an option to connect to tower or any fellow controller during that ATC session , to plan traffic flow efficiently.

I would welcome comments from fellow community members.

Let’s talk.


You can make a feature request. I would support, i need it sometimes.

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If you want to make a feature request feel free to make use of the Features here,

IFATC controllers for the expert server have the ability to talk with other controllers to plan traffic flow using an external platform, discord. Right now this isn’t an option for the training server because of how hard it would be to organise pilots on there. Anyone can control the taking server so even if you did make a group there would still be people whom you wouldn’t be able to contact.

If you want to join IFATC feel free to use this thread:


Hey There,

At IFATC one of the things we prioritize is communication between our Radar and Local controllers to maximize efficiency and safety within the airport, and it’s airspaces. Especially during high-traffic events, we plan ahead and coordinate different section of an airspace if it is to be split by Radar, or occasionally Local frequencies as well. We plan and communicate many different factors of a session. We communicate the before, during, and even after the session for the next controller of it is a desired airport that day. Planning and communication prevents mistakes, which we want to avoid at all costs too make your experiences better. :)

At IFATC, communication is a huge factor in how we operate, and as some users have mentioned already, we use Discord for real-time communication between all of us.

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But it takes an effort to be onboard with IFATC :)

Hopefully someday.

How else would we maintain this if we weren’t putting in the work? :)

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Haha. I mean to become one.

Option to chat on here or on the actual game?

The controllers are trained to only focus on controlling and coordinating with other controllers. They should not answer a pilot’s direct messages while they’re controlling but you can always message them on the forum. All expert server controllers are on the forum.

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What I said still applies.

Hard work (start of application process) —> practice and learning —> good performance in the end (when you achieve Specialist)

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