Option to Change Runway Light Intensity for Controller

As some of you have may have noticed, during global it is a bit hard to see the runway lights at night.

I you are like me and follow SIDs/STARs/Current Time, you want the full experience. Unfortunately the runway lights seem to be extremly dimmed.

Now in some cases in real life they should be turned to full intensity depending on cloud coverage or just for safety.

This basic idea is to allow the controller, wether it be Approach, Departure, Tower, or Ground to be able to click a button on their radar to change the intensity of the lights from High - Medium - Low.

There would also be a option to request a runway light intensity change to atc from the PIC.

We could have controllers randomly just changing it, so a possibility is to limit it to Expert only.

What the overall effect is that if it is really stormy or just dark, the controllers can turn the lights to high inetnsity so that the pilots can see the runway better.

This idea was thought up by @Cpt_Chris and myself. Comment below for suggestions.

I like it! And maybe there is an option for the PIC to request a change in the intensity of the lights.


Genius! So like a a option for a atc command to request a change in runway light intensity. I’ll edit my post.


Personally I think it would be better for the lights to simply be always brighter :)


Yep just like that! And maybe if there is no controller active, the lights auto-adjust depending on the light and visibility, this may require a bit more time to achieve, but still a good idea I believe.

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No, What if a pilot gets disorientated? It would be smart if a pilot request light change just in case he thinks its too bright and it hurts his or her eyes.


True, and there is no need to have the lights full intensity at noon.

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I see where you’re coming from, but the problem is, how would the system know if the person is in night mode or current time. It could work with visibility issues but maybe not time. I’m going to keep that out of the original post but very good idea and maybe the devs will think about it.


Ohhh right I didn’t think about that!

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Devoted on the MD80 just for this ;)


I just think the whole lighting system needs a reboot. This would be very realistic and incredibly useful.


This is a genius idea, I never thought about this until I stumbled upon this request. I agree on keeping this to expert server only, as there will always be that one Ts1 noob who keeps changing it from high-low or vice versa.
Brilliant feature request @Cpt_Chris and @OJFam, I’ll see about moving a vote to this.


Really interesting idea! I like it! Definitely vote for it ;)


By “always brighter” I only meant when they are on, during low visibility and night

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Bump! This is a idea that really should be implemented as it would help pilots so much!

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I like this idea because the brightness of the light changes with your device

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I do like this, but I agree with @Insertusernamehere to some extent. In all honesty, the new night sky is awesome, but IF needs a total light overhaul to bring it to the next level (and, of course, make night taxi/takeoff/landing enjoyable and possible). This is just my two cents.


That would be awesome, and a nice touch of realism. Like others said though, the entire lighting system needs a refresh…how about landing lights that actually illuminate the runway? and taxi lights, which will also hopefully illuminate the taxiway…

Glad you think that way

I realize that but this option would probably not come with a refresh, this is a “special” feature request.

Yep would be great and if you wish you can vote for that here. https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/taxiway-lights/8092ature

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Yea, I’ve voted on that feature already 😉
I definitely agree this feature wouldn’t come with a lighting feature refresh, and tbh, that needs more priority than this feature.

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