Option to ask if pattern work is accepted!

It would be great if the option to ask if pattern work is accepted could be incorporated into ATC communication, so you can find that out before push back instead of finding out pattern work is not accepted while holding short for take off.
It can be a disappointing surprise and suddenly you find yourself without a flight plan as well. You now have to decide on the spot in which direction you want to depart so you won’t hold up other departing traffic and therefore there is no time to still make a flight plan.
The general message stating that pattern work is not accepted at the moment is usually too late.
So knowing beforehand if pattern work is accepted would help a lot.


To be honest, if someone wants to control at some airport, they should add “Patternwork is accepted” on the topic they make.
That´s what I think though.

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The situation can change due to the amount of traffic, so it should be flexible.

Aren´t on live the options to send someone to make pattern work and others to make straight in approaches?

I’m not talking about a holding pattern when arriving at the destination airport.
I’m talking about doing pattern work instead of departing to another destination.

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But then the lazy pilots have to think which direction they wanna depart :( They can’t just send a RMP request.

No, but seriously, that’s why we need ATIS back.


What is an RMP request?

I like the idea of this thread. Yesterday I wanted to do patterns at an airport in Singapore and I was all the way at the runway talking to tower when he told me it wasn’t accepted. To avoid issues that like, either this or ATIS should be available.


I wanted to invent an acronym for “Remaining in the pattern” :)

RemPat? Sounds good when you get used to it. ;)

When they say “remaining in the pattern” that basically requests it. If there inbound the controller should give pattern work. If they decline the pattern they will say " no pattern work accepted at this"