Option for Users to know how many Landings they did 90 days ago

Hello again IFC people! Today, I am frustrated to see that my landing count in the last 90 days have dropped from 240 to 200. If I go under 200 landings, then I would be Grade 4. I want to keep my Grade 5 (sob sob sob). But, I have an idea that is useful for all Live users.

We should have an option to see how many landings we had 90 days back. On Live, if you don’t have the same amount of landings as the landings 90 days back, then you will lose a lot of landing counts. For example, let’s say you do touch and goes and earn 30 landings. Then 90 days later (3 months), you decided to only do 2 landings. The next day, you will lose the 30 landings that you did 3 months ago, which is A LOT actually. As a pilot myself, I can’t remember how many landings I did 90 days ago. That’s why we should have an option to see how many landings we did 90 days ago so we could get the same landings.

I hope you get the idea. If anyone could explain this better feel free to do so. If there were incorrect information please let me know, I will try to fix it.

That’d actually be helpful so that you can plan out your number of landings to keep your grade. Nice idea!