Option for us pilots to interact with other pilots just like in real life

Hi, I don’t know if it would be a good idea, but I’ll still put it to a vote here in the group: in the future you developers could put an option for all IF virtual pilots to have communication with other pilots (like a pilot talking to the command tower). It would be really cool if you had that option. I count on the vote of all of you here in the community

It seems as if you want to be able to communicate certain information with other pilots. If that’s the case, this topic down below had what you are looking for!

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Maybe different discord Voice Servers with the frequency…Say Atlantic Center 177.XX and pilots just join in once on.

But I’m just talking and not sure if this is possible

We have seen a few examples here over the years of some choice things that pilots have wanted to tell controllers 🤭, and clearly had those had been an actual voice conversation …well, we know how that likely would have ended up!

The text selections for standardized comms we have are obviously limiting, and can be frustrating at times when theres a slightly more complex situation to deal with, but it does remove the possibility of abuse and conversations going off in tangents.

Also I think due to the younger users who can be on the app there are safe guarding issues or rules, and it would be impossible to monitor and moderate everyones conversations.

VAs that use Discord have voice chat options, so I suppose they may be able to use them, subject to the Ts & Cs of that platform. But that wouldn’t be talking to your IFATC controller for actual IF ATC control.

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This would be realy cool talking and interacting with pilots and atc