Option for pilots to request if they need backtaxi or not

Yesterday while controlling TFFR, I realized many aircraft wanted to backtaxi knowing they had enough TODA (Takeoff Distance Available) from their position. For example: there were about 5000 feet of runway from the hold short point, and a Cessena wanted a full backtaxi, which is highly unecessary when ATC is trying to expedite departures.

How It Works - While holding short, the next aircraft for takeoff will advise the controller if a backtaxi is required. This message will be added in the same takeoff request. Example: "Infinite Flight 1 is ready for takeoff at runway 12, departing North, backtaxi requested/required or “Infinite Flight 1 is ready for takeoff at runway 12, departing north, backtaxi not needed.” The wording can be switched around for clarification purposes.
The second option is the controller asks the pilot whether or not he/she needs to backtaxi. ATC would then say, “Cleared for takeoff, backtaxi not required, intersection departure approved.”

How This Helps - As I mentioned earlier, this ATC option would help controllers organize their departures better. Let’s say the TODA available from the hold short point is 7,000 feet. The B747 can backtaxi while the A320 behind it can takeoff. 2 departures instead of 1.

What do you guys and gals think? How would you change this?

That is a great idea. We definitely need this. It would make it so much easier. Ill free up a vote just for this

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I always thought the decision on a back taxi was up to the pilot. They know the configuration if their aircraft.


This will just allow for the pilot to let the controller know he’s going to back taxi so we don’t find out when they are already back taxiing. We could push more departures out if we didn’t have to guess what their intentions are. Right now I just assume everyone will back taxi, even those who clearly would never need to. 🙂


I personally think people will use it incorrectly like the reamaining in the pattern command but I see your point.


How about we change the way it work to the controller asks the pilot if they need a backtaxi. And the controller responds with a yes or no.

I like the idea. Unfortunately out of votes!

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Cleared for takeoff, back taxi not required, intersection departure approved, Please check tutorials at community.infiniteflight.com for assistance with your aircraft’s TODA

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That is perfect. I’ll change it.

I think if this is always available to pilots, they’ll request backtaxi at places like JFK, where it isn’t needed (just like remaining in the pattern when they don’t have any intention of doing that). I like the controller idea. A pilot could report ready for departure, the controller would then have the usual options (cleared for takeoff, LUAW, hold short) but also “N123, do you require backtaxi?”. The pilot’s response would allow the controller to make an informed decision.

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At which point if it’s TS, you sigh and give them takeoff clearance, and if it’s expert, send them check help.

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My vote is placed! The pilot should be able to request back taxi. Thanks for the request.

??? What u mean is the pilot will ask the controller and the controller will respond correct?