Option for "Cancel approach" request

Hey everybody,

As General is probably the wrong category, I also don’t think it should be in features. The reason for that is, because i think it is (very) necessary to add this type of thing.

As i was flying into EGLL yesterday, two airplanes literally (almost) flew through me, I was on the approach frequency.
I called in 3 times before i got a reply.
Then he made me fly a loop because the one aircraft that flew through me got priority 😅

I didn’t want to do the approach into EGLL anymore. I asked for vectors into EGKK (which usually results in IFATC wanting me to leave their frequency). I asked for change of frequency two times.
For neither i got a reply.

It was busy, but I felt really frustrated because he made me fly a loop at 180 knots. So i was about 30 miles from the airport, flying at 180…

And then i was thinking
“It would be great if I could just cancel the approach request”

This would take some load off the controller.

There are two possible ways to go about this:

Request to cancel approach request.

Or just a normal “cancel approach request” which wouldnt need confirmation.
In my frustration flight yesterday, the second wouldve been helpful as i felt like IFATC Approach wasn’t responding to my calls.

I’m curious to see what you (especially IFATC) thinks :)




Generally, for diversions, I like to request Flight Following to the airport I’m diverting to, as I know that the controller likely isn’t going to give approach services to the other airport. This way, I can file whatever approach for the other airport and fly it without being too much of a hassle.

I apologize that this happened to you, and it’s quite an alarming occurrence that you had a loss of separation with multiple aircraft. I’m happy to take a look into your replay if you wish, if you’d like to follow up with me in PMs.


I was fairly far out when they passed through me, so maybe he didnt see me.

However, I asked twice for frequency change and once for an approach request into another airport.

I’m sure asking for flight following wouldnt have done anything either because he chose to ignore my other requests and arill gave me vectors…

But flying the loop I busted separation twice (orange, not red).

Thanks for your help :)

I forgot to tag you, the reply is above :)

You should make this a topic in Features

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Since there arent any more comments or anythong else on this and with the new release out today where you can request (and not cancel unfortunately) to divert, this topic can be closed.

It would’ve been better (in my opinion) to just have the option to cancel the approach request without a confirmation. That way IFATC doesn’t have to answer and can just dismiss the aircraft calling.

But this works too, i guess.

Thanks :)

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