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As you all know Infinite Flight uses the ICAO airport codes and not the IATA codes. I think there should be an option where you can have either the ICAO code or the IATA code. For anyone who doesn’t know, the ICAO code for an airport is the 4-letter code. For example Los Angeles would be KLAX. The IATA code is the 3-letter code so for Los Angeles it would be LAX. I think this is needed not only to make it easier to find airports while searching for them, but also for some people who may not know many ICAO codes yet. If you like this feature request, make sure to vote for it. If you don’t or have any additions or feedback make sure to tell me.

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Hm. I feel like this isn’t really needed. I feel like anybody could just spend 5 seconds on the internet searching up the ICAO code. Also, for aviation purposes, people most commonly use ICAO. But, you’re right, they’re might be somebody who wouldn’t really know any ICAO codes yet, but I see this more as a search bar feature, not an option. VORs near airports sometimes have the same letters, like a vor near KBOS is BOS, which is also the IATA code for Boston Logan. For a flight plan creation guru like myself, we use VORs often, and this might have negative affects and cause confusion. Just my two cents.


I won’t be voting for this because as a pilot you use ICAO codes way more than the IATA codes. Inplus ICAO codes looking at the first letter (or two) you can tell what part of the world you are flying to which is nice.

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Considering VOR’s use 3 letter codes this is probably going to be impossible, as they will over lap and cause even more of a mess when making flight plans.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear but that is part of what I meant where if you search for an airport you can search either code and it would still show up

Still - I use notes to make my flight plan, and then put them into the search bar. I can agree though, an option/button would be nice, but you wouldn’t see me using it often.

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