Optimze the game for Huawei!

Hello! So I have just bought a new huawei p20 and its a very high-end phone device and with huaweis new turbo gpu technology it can handle all games except Infinite flight smooth as hell. So I tried to figure out the problem by calling huawei and they said that the game is poorly optimzed for Huaweis kirins proccesors… So please why not optimze the game for the 2nd largest phone company so Huawei user can emjoy the game to! Also I’ve heard that it lags on the Samsung 8 and 9 but it runs smooth as hell on Apple device so dont just optimze it for aplle devices. ) :

Thanks for reading.


Which P20 are you using? There a few different ones, is it the Pro?

Im using the base model, just p20!

Select the Limit my frame rate button if you haven’t then run the game on medium settings. If you want, backup your phone data, then factory reset your device.

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This seems like another issue to be honest.

As i understand it, @Starley helped you and after a factory reset it was all good? :)


He has tried a factory reset again and it didn’t fix it. I personally believe that it’s a hardware issue. He would need to go to a device expert nearby and let him do a check.

Factory-reset your phone one more time before doing that and see if it works. If not, then it’s most likely, as mentioned, a hardware issue.


I called Huawei and they yested the game on a P20 pro and they said that the game isint optimzed for kirin procesors?

Some would argue that IF is not a game…

But on a serious note, definitely go see an expert as @Starley . There’s somw tech geeks (and some who work with technology for a living) on the forums, but they make take a while to see this topic.

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And here i was planning on not getting that device because reasons… sounds like i have to change that decision.

If there is an issue with the comparability for the Kirin SoC and Infinite Flight, we’ll definitely look into it.


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