Optimum climb rate

I know this sounds like a bit of a dumb question, but what is usually an optimal rate of climb? I’ve always been climbing at around 2000 fpm but I dont actually know what the best rate of climb is.

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I believe this may help c: Climb to Cruise Tutorial - YouTube

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I would suggest 2,200fpm below 15,000ft, but after that I would slow down to 1,800fpm.

Thanks very much.

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I adjust based on the plane. I normally start at 4500-3500 fpm and either increase or decrease it based on airspeed.

In the B737 I usually maintain between 2500-3300

Try not to have N1 exceeding 90%

Depending on aircraft I usually stick to 4000 to 10k ft, 2000 to 25k ft and then 1000 to final cruising altitude

Depending on airport and aircraft you can for the most part safely get to 6000fpm without stalling but you do need to be careful

It’s all about the N1 actually, which is how much engines are spinning at. Try to keep your it under 95% at max, the climb rate will vary from aircraft to aircraft, from weight to weight.

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this is because you could blow an engine in real life, right?

as everyone is saying it depends on the plane. I can easily climb a medium weight 757-200 at 4500fpm but a light A330 climbs really slow. just keep power at or below 90% N1 unless your plane is about to stall from the lack of airspeed or your dealing with a short runway.

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