Optimizing Live Event ATC with Machine Learning

I recon, controllers should have an option to turn it on and off, maybe a minimum amount of planes on your frequency to start it. But I think that this would be a very cool idea to see!

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I love your post! One of the most detailed I’ve seen. I will say tho… this has been brought up before in various forms. As cool as it would be for unstaffed frequencies, there are just entirely too many circumstances when it comes to controlling that machine learning simply can’t handle like a controller could (well… most controllers 😂). For example… a really bad pilot who just doesn’t want to listen and is confusing the AI. It would need to know when to issue a violation and stuff. Not to mention the fact that it would be a coding nightmare. With radar frequencies in particular, there are so many resources and techniques we use that can’t be replicated in an efficient manner. I’n in no way ante by dude but for this kind of sim, that just seems like something that may be slightly out of reach for us at this time. Nonetheless, awesome post and idea. Maybe Cameron or one of the other devs can give you some more insight.


you’ve got a pretty good idea of the concept behind it ! I think it would be nice to have this in IF tbh but it would be impossible since AI is not at the point yet where we could place great emphasis on humane decision making. for the new pilots it would be a nightmare indeed 😂

Thanks for your response @Mxrzy !

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Couldn’t agree more ! The option for ATC to manually turn it on or off is important to ensure that humans can still be in control. A minimum planes requirement can be a safeguard feature as well if u think about it. Great to hear your thoughts !

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