Optimization issues on the 2020/ 4th gen 11 inch iPad Pro

Today I received my brand new fourth gen iPad Pro and one of the first things I did was boot up IF on it. Unfortunately, IF has some optimization issues. As you can see in the Images, the account info is right up in the corner, and the home bar is blocking the flight status bar(or whatever you call it). I’d really enjoy optimization on these new iPads in the next update, as it would make a much better first impression and make the sim as good as possible on the newest and most powerful IOS device. Also, both the third and fourth generation iPads have the same screen dimensions, so I was expecting screen optimization to not be an issue here.

Apple probably changed something related to resolution, dpi or something. Always fun!

I’m sure we’ll have this fixed for the next update :)

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Thanks, this was a surprise for me as well!

I had the same problem … after I cleared the scenery cache everything was there again :)

Thanks for the tip. not having much luck, but I’ll try it again once I land this flight.

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Well it looks like we may have some audio issues as well, I can barely hear atc with at audio on full. Don’t know if this is device specific, just throwing it out there.

Well I am fortunes to have a 4th gen iPadPro 12.9 and can report that I have none of the issues mentioned above. It might be that IF did use the 12.9 layout for the 11 as well, or that iOS not properly announce its hardware (unlikely I know).
Sound is fine for me as well.

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