Optimization for 20:9 devices

It looks like the UI and the inflight map aren´t optimized for 20:9 aspect ratio devices anymore. Before 21.6 they were. Below are some screens to show the difference (just look at the red markings).

Device: POCO X3 PRO (Android 11)

UI before 21.6

UI after 21.6

Map before 21.6

Map after 21.6

Maybe its on purpose, but in my opinion it looked way better before 21.6, even if it´s only a minor difference

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Same with me on Galaxy S10 :(

Same for OnePlus 8T

Seems to be the same for apple devices too. Probably a part of the “minor UI changes to begin an ongoing series of improvements” that are in the release notes if I had to guess

Yeah could be… Maybe someone of the devs could tell us wheter this is on purpose or not…

We’ve made some improvements for devices with rounded corners, waterfall displays (curved edge displays), notches and pinhole cameras on Android. There is a bit more padding than you may be used to, but this should hopefully be a more comfortable usage experience for the time being.

Android 12 will give us some more data to help us optimise this further, and we’ll keep improving this as part of our ongoing UI work. Thanks for the feedback though :)


Alright then, the changes of the UI I will get used to with the time, even tho I would have prefered a map covering the whole screen, without those gaps at the sides and at the top.

We’ll keep iterating as mentioned to make sure we use all space appropriately. Thanks :)

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But some diveces will never have Android 12…

The bottom panel of the interface has become larger. I don’t think it’s for the best…


Specifically, the Android 12 SDK, which is what we use to build the app. It should still positively affect any devices not using Android 12 :)

Firstly the main reason for this change is to avoid the camera from blocking part of the UI on some devices. For example, on the pixel 5 the green checkmark is almost completely blocked by the camera.
Legitimate question though: can IF make the margin adjustable like Minecraft does? So don’t get this extra margin unnecessarily?

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I have the Poco x3 pro too and I’ve noticed this too, I hope they can fix this

Im hoping this gets fixed or changed in a way because it feels kinda uncomfortable to fly with everything a bit spaced in

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Hey,but I’ve also noticed this on iPhone 12 Pro Max,there are less options than before…🙁

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